Crypto Machines

The hottest NFT car collection out there.

Hello, Motorheads on the other side!

We present you the Crypto Machines. Our rare and unique cars will take you to a new world of enjoyment and satisfaction. These wonder machines are compact with elegance and grace which are now carefully crafted NFT collectibles. Made with perfect research and design along with superior engineering skills makes this marvellous crypto machine collection valuable as well as unique.

The Crypto Machines will feature some of the most legendary car collections as NFT collectibles. Crypto machines are a true pixel collection of classic cars that are single edition and unique in nature ready to roar. We roll out in three categories and they are Rally, Youngtimer and Oldtimer. This three-category collection will drive you crazy for your love for a classic all-time ecstasy for cars. This collection features a mixture of Oldtimer, Youngtimer and Rally cars showcasing some of the models such as Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ferrari, Fiat, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and so on. These legendary cars which once ruled the race tracks are being recreated in the form of pixel art. Our limited edition NFTs remind us of the days of glory and takes us on a trip down the nostalgia lane.


Rally Limited Collection


Oldtimer Limited Collection


Youngtimer Limited Collection

Our line-up for Crypto machines doesn’t end here and we will be launching more collections. Be ready to grab them and create your favourite collection out of these masterpieces and always stay connected with your favourite classic cars and our community. Owning one of our crypto machines also means that you’re investing and living life at the highest in the digital world. You could also check out and purchase the collection by looking at its performance, design and other factors as these cars highlight authenticity, uniqueness and true garage spirit

The NFT collectibles under Crypto machines are minted on the OpenSea platform and uses the polygon network to connect to a wider audience. This is to support our main goal that is to build a community for making new friends who share the same passion as us when it comes to cars and motorsports. This also allows us to interact, trade and buy art from our dear acquaintances in the NFT world.

Our NFT collectibles are created one by one with love and adoration for cars and are waiting to be purchased by those who have a never-ending love for these machines. So come check out the collection and pick your limited-edition favourite. Crypto machines are relaunching these legendary cars and it is your turn to take them out for a spin. Do not miss out on your chance to own this rare collection before it gets sold out.